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Allied Resource Management Consolidation Incorporated is a firm dedicated to bringing three decades of experience and expertise to the average investor. In the sometimes confusing modern market, ARMCInc focuses on helping the individual.


How do we go about this?  It is simple: we personalize your investments based on a extensive questionaire and conversations.  Our firm does not apply to the bigger is better business aesthetic- we simply provide the most effective and simple investing opportunities tailored to your needs.


Browse our site, enjoy your visit, and let us know if you need anything.  By contacting us, you are entering a new world filled with a completely different mindset of core business ideals.


Thomas Lodginson


How to Locate Us

Unfortunately, our firm is currently moving locations and we are not accepting any new clientele.  However, if you are interested in doing business of related manners, or are a partner of a specific type, please call or email us and leave a detailed message.


Contact Information

If you are looking to contact a specific member of our team, please call and request an email or direct contact line.  Our business operating email is:

Our phone phone number is:



We will strive to get back to you as quickly as possible!